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  • SSN by tom clancy

    while camping this week i found a clancy book i haven't seen before.. in their "book swap shelf"


    is about the u.s. navy and primarily submarine warfare...
    some of the details that clancy's advisors gave him are just about too hard for me to follow..
    the story line is close to being in the u.s. newspapers today.

    china has decided that the spratly islands are in the south china sea and china has claimed then taken them by force and preparing to defend
    this area from foreign (u.s. and united nations ) attack...

    written in 95 or 97 ? it sounds like clancy is predicting what we are facing today

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    I thought that I had read all of Clancy’s books; missed that one. I think Clancy had a lot of intel or former intel insiders helping him with his materials. Thanks for that. Time to hit the bent book store.


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      taking me longer than it should to finish the book...
      u.s. sub is killing the poop out of chinese subs... and surface ships..

      a new great big fancy sub is showing up made in russia... americans are beginning to think that russians are manning the fancy dancy subs as the new subs are showing much finer actions.. than the chinese boat captains... hmm... sounds like something that might would happen...