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The Reliant Christian SHTF movie

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  • The Reliant Christian SHTF movie

    Just came out on DVD, found it at Walmart- $12.99

    Considering the typical cardboard movies in this genre, this one isn't bad at all.

    A Christian family in Ohio is the center of the story. Economic issues and riots (playing on the TV in the background while they play house..) finally reach their small town. An old rivalry comes back to the surface- I've talked about this before i.e, don't be so naive to think someone won't be trying to kill you in the PAW over something trivial you did to them at some point. Or even when you tried to- and did help them- that it won't be looked at as such.

    The family is there playing house while in the background on the TV is scenes of riots in their local area. Can't stop a chess game and playing house for something as trivial as that.

    Older daughter is a rabid antigunner and what you expect early on is confirmed later in the movie. Trying not to give spoilers....

    The final end is redemption of the BG as it usually is in this sort of film, but definitely not in a way like this.

    The main emphasis is self defense. And this would be a good film for your typical pew warming head up butt Christian to see.

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."