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  • Let's keep on the right track..... READ

    More than a few folks are aware that another forum canceled it's fiction forum this last week. I have edited more than a few posts where people were cry babying about that.

    The reality of the situation is that it happened on another forum, not here. We don't tolerate people cry babying about other forums or complaining about other forum's policies here. Other places may love that, as it ups their "numbers", etc.

    We aren't about that here. Any of our Mods or Admins will tell you, I'm concerned more about QUALITY than QUANTITY. I could whore the place out in a nanosecond if I wanted to make a fast buck off of it- that's not the point of it. I could do any number of good marketing moves to "up the numbers" and double our registered members numbers in a short period of time.


    I'd rather have 1,200 decent members in a year's time and the knowledge that we only had to ban 1 or 2 people from acting like dumbbutts versus having 9-10 thousand people and constantly be having to intercede in stupid little fights and ego trips. We are looking for QUALITY folks that will PARTICIPATE in the forums. I don't think any forum/group/website is looking for leeches that will just come and seek free info then bi%ch about it when policies change. Maybe the LIBERALS are looking for people like that, but then again, they HAVE millions like that already....

    While we welcome most everyone, we don't tolerate the welfare mentality here. If you never posted anything and just leeched info off another forum and got booted for it- LEARN FROM THAT EXPERIENCE. Their IS a lesson there if you take the emotions out of it.

    We said months ago that we would make the Survival Shorts (this fiction section) accessible only to Registered Members as we have the Registered Members subforum that is viewable only to Registered members. That's GONNA happen, so if your lurking to read the good fiction stories here, NOW is the time to get registered so you can continue to read them. I won't warn you about it for two years, a couple months is enough in my book.

    I personally feel the fiction stories CAN play an important role in your preparing. They can show you a different take on a situation, maybe something you had not considered, a situation or scenario you had not considered, etc.

    However, we prefer the fiction stories to stay semi grounded in reality. That being said, what "reality" is to me might be completely different than what "reality" means to you.

    For example- everyone complains that Rawles book "Patriots" was "unrealistic cause NO ONE could do all that." I find that funny as I've met, interacted and trained with almost a dozen groups with BETTER setups than the people in his fiction story. Certainly anyone TRULY preparing for a couple decades could easily have a better setup without too much scrimping, again if they were TRULY preparing. That being said, to a newbie or someone that's only been preparing a year or so, or someone that is an on again off again prepper, that same story seems light years away from their situation and therefore unrealistic.

    The problem comes in when people completely make things up and/or propose things they have not done or don't KNOW would work in a fiction story and then others start touting it as gospel. To what I've been told, this is where the crazy ideas like using "lime" and "Sheetrock dust" in with your storage food as some kind of preservative came into being! THAT'S TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE and extremely dangerous.

    Yet for the UNKNOWING new prepper to read that, they may think it's workable. When folks are new, it's sometimes hard for them to see/figure out who really knows their stuff and who is full of it. Often times they make the wrong choice and assume that the writer does know his stuff.

    Guys, please don't tell me this doesn't happen, I interact with a boatload of survivalists and preppers regularly, in person, on the phone, at campouts, at meet and greets, on a half dozen forums, etc. PEOPLE VERY EASILY GET THE WRONG IDEA.

    THAT is what we want to avoid here.

    The other important matter is geared towards the READERS.

    Some of the folks writing have a lot of time to write, others do not. You are NOT flattering them, "helping them", etc. by posting rude comments pushing them to write faster, more, etc. Cut the bull folks! Most of these writers are good folks, they like writing and that's why they are doing it! Keep that in context- you are NOT "paying" for their story. Posting crap like "STILL waiting for the next installment" or "It's been two months and no new chapters, this story is dead" is just being a flippin jerk. Yep I said it.....

    Use some respect, show some courtesy to these folks writing or you'll be shown the door, period. You may think your being "cute" or "encouraging" them by dogging them for not having a new installment up every 3.5 seconds, but more times than not, it's not read that way by the writer. EASE UP on that stuff.

    Also, just have to state the obvious here- if ALL your doing is reading survival fiction, I'd give your chances of making it if something actually does happen between zero and none. Seriously. This board has a wealth of other information, useful, practical information on survival, preparedness, homesteading, etc. USE IT. Further, if all your doing is reading just this fiction section, your missing out on a lot of fellowship with some really great, welcoming people that know their stuff.

    When something happens, you having the latest chapter of "How I survived in the suburbs with 500,000 zombies all around me" won't be nearly as important as you having important skills and knowledge IN YOUR BRAIN and the practical preparations necessary to survive.....

    19 June, 2011
    Robert Henry
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    Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"

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    Laus Deo


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      I wish I had time to read fiction... Barely get enough time to get the real stuff read... How do you all do it?

      -=> Rmplstlskn <=-


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        Amen Lowdown!
        Love it!!!
        Agreed 100%!!!
        You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?


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          You have a great board here! Thank you for keeping it "Tight"
          Frank F.
          Shooter 308
          Stand up NOW as you will find it much harder to do once you are in chains, and if you die on your feet, you can take comfort in the fact that you traded the gift of life for the privilege of FREEDOM!



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            perfectly said. LD3
            THANK YOU !


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              Wish I had the time and patience to sit down and read some fiction. Most of my reading time is devoted to computer-related subjects like CSS, HTML5, and PHP. I do have one survival fiction book that I downloaded for free and haven't read the first page! Maybe when we go camping and there's no internet or TV...

              I would never outwardly criticize anyone's works of fiction. Hopefully they do more than write from their imaginations; experience makes a much better story line. Heck, I've written articles with instructions so technical that I'm not sure I could even follow them myself. I could probably write a book about all the things I've forgotten; however, I'm going to pick up a can of lye and make some soap with some of the fat I've saved. That's a skill that's worth practicing for me. If I only knew how to make tp I could save a ton of storage room...

              In the meantime, it's fall garden planting time and some of what I planted got drowned by monsoon-like rains the day I planted, so tomorrow it's replanting. I do read the seed envelopes and the NE FL planting guides.

              This is a great, no BS site both to be part of and work on.


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                where are y'all finding fiction? this thread makes me think i've been missing out!