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New JRH website coming June 30th

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  • New JRH website coming June 30th

    We have been letting folks now for several months now that the old website format which we have milked along for 20 years now, will absolutely be going away on June 30th as we transition to a new website. That software is going away and we can't do anything about that.

    The domain remains the same-

    but specific links to products will change. Use the main domain above and navigate from there.

    Be sure if you have any "account info" on the website that you want, you will need to retrieve it before that deadline. WE have NO access to your "account info", so it will not be possible to ask us for this either now or 5 years in the future. And yes, I've had more than a few people call up and ask me "what did I buy in March of 1998". Of course my no BS response is "you don't know what you bought?" But as I've mentioned so many times, many preppers simply buy stuff, stick it in a closet and never use it or train with it. So yes we do actually get that crazy question from time to time.

    So to be clear, once June 30, 2023 rolls around, the old JRH website and your "account info" will be gone. This isn't us, this is the hosting service, we have no control over this.

    The new website has been under construction for the last couple months on the side as time permitted. Their will undoubtedly be some "bugs" we have to work out on it, so bear with us.

    The new website will handle ordering a little different than the old website- it WILL charge your card for the order immediately upon placing the order. Just like every other website does. Changes to orders after the fact will be much harder so it's crucial you pay attention when ordering, put in your correct address, etc. We have been able to "baby sit" orders for 20 years where people put in incorrect addresses, bad CCs, etc. and we will NOT have the ability to do that once the new site goes live. Because the new website will charge orders immediately, items with long lead times like certain thermal imagers and certain NV, will be listed as "call to order" only. That means you will not be able to order them online due to the lead time. As we have for over 30 years now, we will continue to take orders over the phone 6 days a week. And it will be easiest to call in your order and could potentially save you some money in the process.

    We look forward to helping you on the new website.

    Questions can be directed to us at:

    912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480
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    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."