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90 day survival finance LOL

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  • 90 day survival finance LOL

    On another site people were talking about some new guy Youtuber telling people all they needed to do was prepare for 90 days because (wait for it)-

    "they will be able to produce food" after 90 days...

    I know we have some actual DOERS on the forums here, so thought this would be fun to discuss.

    You have only "90 days" worth of food in storage and then you are completely on your own. How will you make it??
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    By finding that Ytuber and see what I can get from him...prob nothing, so I won't waste my time...

    Heck, even if you planted seeds at day 1, some do not produce a bounty until day what if the SHTF hits, oh lets say October and you live in Wyoming at 5000 feet, and now its 90 days so January, and the ground is frozen solid. I guess if you had a 2-3 acre greenhouse it could be done...
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      A year's worth of food on hand, plus planting gardens ASAP, might get us into sustainability mode. I would definitely plant sweet potatoes and can all of them. There are summer gardens and winter gardens, and each provides nutritional elements that the other doesn't. Some years production is excellent, and other years the weather can destroy a season's worth of work. This is why I keep merrily canning meat, vegetables, fruit, soups and stews to go into the pantry.