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    Originally posted by Lowdown3 View Post
    Very nice!! It seems like you were grouping types of wood together, did that just happen that way or was it planned?
    It happens mainly because I process either a tree at a time or a group of trees. I also keep firewood separated due to different drying rates for each species. Red Oak and Hickory are OK together because they dry about the same rate i.e. 3 years. Ash, Hackberry, Black Walnut - also good together because they are all ~2 year firewood. Poplar is GTG after one year and is pretty much solid gasoline after 3-5 years. It would make no sense to store Red Oak/Hickory wth Poplar due to differences in drying times.

    The thing I keep in very strict control are Hardwoods that I use for smoking meats: Mainly Shagbark Hickory, Red Oak and Black Cherry.

    Here is my 10x12' old shed I use for nothing but smoking meats. It's full of Hickory (left) and Black Cherry (right) with some Red Oak mixed in.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	xfQq2NC.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.8 KB ID:	114532
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      Originally posted by FTG-05 View Post
      Some overhead: Lowdown3, could you please review post Infractions and approve? I need to make some edits for misspellings.

      You should be able to edit your own post. Let me know if it doesn't allow that for some reason.
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        Originally posted by 1Admin View Post

        You should be able to edit your own post. Let me know if it doesn't allow that for some reason.
        FGT-05: You have permissions to be able to edit your own posts. See the Edit icon at the bottom right of your post.


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          Post #11 gave me an "Unapproved" label and wouldn't let me fix it. A message said it suspected a spam post, hence requring approval. It was in a shade of light green as well.

          All good now.