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  • cope?

    insurance folks evaluate property when underwriting using a basic format... (or at least they say they do or should)
    i've never associated this process with the preparedness topic but, i should have!

    the abbreviation is c-o-p-e = construction, occupancy, protection, exposure?

    construction - is it a true brick/masonry build... or a frame house? or brick veneer over frame construction or a canvas yurt?

    occupancy - one family occupied? duplex with two families? 10 unit apartment building? sawmill operation with sawdust piled against the walls and heavy wood dust covering everything?

    protection - built in fire protection/sprinkler system? chain link fence that encloses the property? on site security guard? gates?

    exposure - property next to an explosive materials manufacturer? in a flood plain ? building in a riot prone area? house in the middle of several farms that spray cancer causing chemicals regularly?