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staying safe while camping

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  • staying safe while camping

    this video involves a problem that developed while folks are camping on a military base.
    firearms aren't allowed.
    they are approached repeatedly by a druggie pos in the middle of the night.
    bottom line.... they recommend a byrna. "not a firearm"

    note the comments. many commenters seem to indicate that they break the law. bad idea to post like that in the current environment.

    How Are You Protecting Yourself While Camping?! (‚Äč

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    Sounds like druggie was living near the campsite, probably foraging off people's stuff when they were out hiking, doing stuff or otherwise not paying attention.

    Perhaps the druggies paranoia made him keep going back there, who knows.

    Not sure I would camp some place I would put myself in jeopardy by agreeing to not have means of protection. Pepper balls are cute and all...
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      Agree, I understand the reason the USAF does not want people out there with firearms, but when in the woods I need to have protection from the two legged and four legged creatures.
      Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

      Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

      ATTENTION: No trees or animals were harmed in any way in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were really ticked off!

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        a friend invited us to camp at a large military base. i knew he always carried. usually a pocket and a larger tool . i asked about having an item on the base. he said he would be endorsing me and that i better not get in trouble. i then asked him if he would have an item. he just grinned.

        i think he had tools with him.

        i did not have any tool, as i really appreciated the invite. nice place and reasonable cost.