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Pretty frickin brazen!!

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  • Pretty frickin brazen!!

    OMG, read this story-

    A PICKUP truck with a cage, kids in it with a tarp over the cage. That's pretty frickin brazen if you ask me. What sonsofbeotches! That's right out there also, which makes me think this wasn't their first time!

    Good Lord, we are so far gone as a nation, You have had sooo much patience with us, please help every one of these child trafficking scum come to justice, now as well as later.
    Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

    Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

    Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"

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    A reminder for everyone to always BOLO


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      don't forget all the american "elites" that fought the movie sound of freedom...

      they didn't want to upset the sources of their deviancy.


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        And where are the 85,000 missing children that Buyden lost?


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          Just a thought for an answer.

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            That was my thought...


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              Just another thought that made me laugh because it's sooooo sad
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                We vote, hoping against hope for our votes to actually count...


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                  More cute stuff. (actually NOT cute but PITIFUL)
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                    Apologies, I couldn't resist posting this one. So much making me laugh this morning.
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                      It's the truth...


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                        Speaking of brazen, I was watching V or Vendetta .....AGAIN!

                        Curious and curiouser as the Cheshire Cat said.

                        This time it hit me, around the beginning where the commenter (British version of what we call Commentators --which really isn't a real word---) he's running his mouth about "The Colonists" ( which is us).

                        He says "20 years ago the USA(my words, not his) became a leper colony after (catch this...) Wars, Pandemic, loss of morals as they (they being us) became homosexual, pedofile, loss of belief in God, (think he said completely corrupt but don't remember for sure.).

                        Oh, he also said we (USA) were begging them for medicines and generously sending them grain and tobacco as a bribe.

                        Now, this was a 2006 movie. Rotten Tomatoes review said "V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some,​" and I find not only that to be making me wonder but also where are we now?

                        Are we not darn near completely where the Brit commentor said we were?

                        I have oft wondered....are we in Art imitating Life or are we in Life imitating Art?

                        I thought to run it by here and see what others thought.


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                          Well, this is where we are as a nation so where's the conflict? There is none, and I'm not sure it's a reversible condition. We've raised generations of children (not all but too many) who think they're entitled to all kinds of freebies, not responsible for the debts they've acquired, and able to change gender at whim. God has virtually been driven from the public square, and Catholics and Christians, along with parents of school children, are viewed as domestic extremists, if not outright terrorists, while the real terrorists roam the streets and march unhindered across our borders. Commit crimes like shoplifting, mugging, assault, and outright theft - no consequences.


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                            BTW, this is September 11, 2023

                            I still refer to the infamous date as 9-1-1 even tho the media demanded that we all call it 9 eleven.
                            Amazing how well trained we are and follow the media instructions to the letter..
                            Is that a dog whistle we all now respond to?

                            I still think 911 was a con, just like covid and we fell for all of it.