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bartering with silver coins/rounds -- acceptance?

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  • bartering with silver coins/rounds -- acceptance?

    a youtuber and a private mint representative attend a ?festival? in new hampshire. and tries to make purchases with silver coins/rounds.

    BOUGHT STUFF ALL DAY WITH JUST SILVER! And the RESULTS of my "Ultimate Barter Test" will SHOCK YOU! (

    the mint rep. seems to be a known individual... that probably helped.!!
    but bottom line lots of vendors were glad to trade $2.00 items for a 90% dime.

    encouraging. ‚Äč

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    We're getting ready to do a purchase. We don't have a fortune to sink into PMs, but it's just a hedge against the downfall of FRNs. Silver being generally non-recyclable from manufacturing uses like chips, it's a limited supply item and the value should remain level or increase. At least that's my thought.


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      Silver supposedly has more industrial uses than gold per info from TnAndy back in the day. Makes sense.
      Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

      Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

      Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"


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        My concept has always been Gold AU is your savings account and Silver AG is your day to day money.
        Although eventually I suspect the day to day money will be copper rounds and .22lr's.