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  • harbingers II

    this post is for my protestant christian friends... cahn has written a book - "harbingers II " i strongly suggest you obtain a copy and read it...
    will it give you the warm fuzzies. the we are the world luvvy duvvy feeling?? no.
    will it fit perfectly with the teaching/understanding that most of us have been taught? no.
    is there a very realistic chance that the message relates exactly to what is happening in america today? yes...
    if you have decided that america is on a wonderful path. blessed by God and nothing can shake that position, then, well... this book is probably not for you...
    however, if the path that america is on, concerns you. and/or you see a turn against The Creator in america, then yep. go get you one and read it slowly.

    i'm only 3/4 of the way through... hard to read it marathon style... the last 1/4 may be dumb... but enough info in the first 3/4 to get my attention...

    what if cahn and his references are correct, then you will probably increase your preparing..

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    book normally sells for high 20's...

    found it yesterday for 16.50 at local sam's warehouse club... and bought a couple to share.


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      a friend loaned us our first copy... we called to let them know we'd bought a couple at sams... she said we could keep the one we borrowed as she had bought a new one at
      hobby lobby... for $10... !!