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    well, i could say i ran this in xx hours. but a few of you know i'm too young... (there is falsehood in that sentence!)
    i was watching some youtubes and this one popped up.
    an associate participated in some ranger training and competition and i went to watch. lots of similar challenges..
    suggestion, if you have a youngster/teenager in the family, taking them to see a ranger competition or graduation would be a great trip...
    this is for seals and spec warfare ops
    i got tired just watching.. there is a tall cargo net that must be climbed... i've seen some soldiers get injured on that thing.. one of them was clearly an awesome body builder. all muscled up.
    some smaller wiry looking soldiers completed a lot of these challenges easier than the big ole boys.

    I Barely Survived the Navy SEAL Obstacle Course... (

    hmm. i'm not sure my link worked?

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    Holy smokes! That's quite a course and I don't see me making it past the first obstacle😂