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  • Debt of Honor

    my copy is old. pages are falling out and turning brown. print is small. book recovered from a deceased judge's barn. i've been to eye doctors for "procedures" this summer. slow reading. huge amounts of typical clancy background detail.

    what if.
    we got mad at japan because they don't allow our cars and other goods into japan as freely as we allow their stuff into the u.s.
    what if japan sends over some very poor gas tanks on some of their new cars. and a wreck happens killing americans in fiery disaster.
    so america decides to force the same strict rules on jap import cars that they do on american. the rules enforced immediately. resulting in jap economic disaster.

    jap companies have been spending big bucks on lobbyists and bribes to american politicians for years cementing (they thought!) their status.

    and jap company big wigs have decided to retaliate to save their fortunes, their companies, their status, their nations status, their honor, and decide to retaliate.
    attacking our stock exhanges with computers and shenanigans.
    apparently about to attack us militarily in a surprise attack.... i'm 40% through the book... so i can't tell you what happens.

    printed in 1994,

    but the setup sounds like it could be today. i recommend it.

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    this book is about 1000 pages...
    on the same day, and with much planning and coordination, including traitorous acts by americans who took big bribes from japs

    during a joint training exercise with the jap navy, 2 american subs were sunk, 2 carriers nearly disabled and taken out of action.
    guam and another island politely and smoothly occupied by jap forces.
    the stock market crashed, seriously disabling the u.s. financials and causing the world to lose faith in the american Dollar.

    and japan is smooth.
    they say navy attacks were accidents.
    they say many of guam residents are japs and want the japs there
    they demand concessions on econ trading with the u.s.

    and disappointing to me..... we ain't killed a single jap yet. and havent' sunk a single jap navy boat yet.
    american diplomats and politicians want to negotiate and settle things with talking..

    the good news... we've figured out how the japs crashed our stock exchange, and u.s. beginning to glare down jap ambassadors with some harsh talk at the bargaining table...
    i can't help but think about another country in the world today who are building out military structures and islands to "defend" their activities. and may have sent a biological agent to our shores to harm american health and economy.


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      I read that book many years ago. I might pull it off of the shelf and read it again.


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        finally finishing... and surprise...
        america finally decides to kick rear end.

        then at the very end... and i'm reading this on the anniversary of the muslim attack on the u.s. in 2001...