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bridges of toko ri by michener

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  • bridges of toko ri by michener

    rediscovered an old tattered paper back that i read years ago.
    grabbed it because i needed something quick and it is a thin book.
    involves navy fighters, bombers from carriers attacking north korea..
    includes much commentary that is so purtenant (sp?) to today.
    going off track.
    several years ago i **** friends through an agricultural group with a fella.
    group went on a "field trip" with a couple of vans... fella driving one of the vans...
    boring.. no one was talking so i tried to get each person to speak up, tell a story about themselves or tell anything... didn't go well... a few did great..
    finally we got to the driver, "fella, you got help us out... tell us about yourself... you are ex navy.. surely you've got a story to tell." fella replied " nope...nothing interesting."

    a couple of years went by. fella just a quiet calm "layman" leader in group... then he and i are together driving
    across state going after citrus plants... i got specific, and he got comfortable and started answering my nosey questions...

    fella had been a navy pilot and flew off carriers... his career spanned a time that included korea. so i got more nosey... finally he opened up.. still was guarding his story. the number of flights was huge... i asked why he wouldn't tell any of this on that van ride 2 years before. he grinned.. "rr, folks don't want to hear about that stuff. too realistic. too involved. russia, china, cold, danger, death, folks can't possibly understand. you haven't served. even you would not have understood all that was involved. just better not to open the door."

    this book is bringing back his solemn comments..
    i recommend the book. i bet it can be found at a used book store for a dollar. involves more than just story of bombing korea... lots more..

    many energetic democratic voters don't comprehend the consequences of their path. the top dem leaders though... do understand. and they are smiling...