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    situation.. walked a lot in flood waters in new waders. they had been folded in box for a year.. top portion of boot wanted to be flat.. i could tell it
    was rubbin roughly on bare legs.
    a day later i had long abrasions on both calves. i ignored them. didn't look bad. bright red but no blood dripping.
    a day later. both had red bands around abrasions and soreness and heat.
    i started using some triple antibiotic that we've had good luck with... but usually we start it right away for cuts, open injuries etc...
    not this time... no improvement.

    the wife handed me a small blue bottle that she had gotten from doctor after doctor noticed an injury to her hand. sample bottle.
    i tried it. started seeing improvement the next day. wife told doctor she had been using the triple antibiotic. doc said this was better. that it was a prescription required product.

    Cera ve Healing ointment. skin protectant.

    i checked on google and see a lot of 12 oz bottles for under 20$
    we are getting a couple.
    maybe just older folks need the better medicine??
    or maybe just old folks that don't treat injuries??

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    I use to tell my patients about that one and another one similar...Aquaphor. Both are very good.
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