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  • cucumbers and pickles

    the wife decided not to toss old quart jars that were still full of solution (i think its mostly vinegar?) from pickles she had put up years before and we had eaten up!
    well. the cukes are coming in pretty steady.
    she cut up a few and put them in some of jars that were still full of old solution.
    hot dang it... and a yeehah.
    after a couple of weeks soaking in that old juice these things are good. and crispy too. !!

    edited to add that cukes in old juice are being refrigerated.... cukes put up normally are not refrigerated.

    obviously, this post needs a denial of any responsibility and was only posted for entertainment. we for sure would not recommend this act for any other person as,
    it may cause injury or even death. don't do as i do!
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    I would never do that unless I already knew that it worked for y'all 😂 However, I have some almost empty jars of pickles and cukes starting, so I'll just keep them around for a fun science experiment!


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      short term... still eating cukes that were put up in old juice... and still kicking! anyhow... my bride has commented that these nukes mentioned in post 1 have been refrigerated... kept in the refrigerator.