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fence for the garden... deer

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  • fence for the garden... deer

    we had planted some pecan trees and installed irrigation on a couple of acres.
    looked like a great place for a garden to me. place the veggies in the space between the trees that got
    sprinkled. lots of time spent prepping soil, planting, watering, etc.. plants started growing and veggies started showing up.
    there were a few signs of critters snacking. then the critters got all their relatives and they cleaned us out except for some cukes.
    so building a fence around an old garden which has been heavily mulched over the years.
    10 ft 4x4 posts 2 feet in the ground.
    using 2 8' old gates that have been extended up to 5.5 feet high, changing to 7.5 feet.
    using some old fencing 4' high. adding something above that? maybe chicken wire?
    running slabs from sawmill on top of posts and at 4' for support and a nailer for the fencing..

    gotta keep the deer out and the rabbits - not sure what to do about the rabbits.

    comments? suggestions?
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    Guard dogs? or a moat? LOL Kinda like a thief, if they really want it they will find a way....
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      Our original garden areas were laid out similarly and we didn't have deer issues that way.

      We went six foot with farm/field type fence. Be sure to include walk in gates and also a gate big enough for equipment (tractor and disc, etc) If you ever say, gotta a truckload of chicken manure delivered, it would be a bonus if it could be dropped right in the area versus you moving it from a different part of the property (stank!!!).

      Rabbits are in general going to get in, unless you go full goat proof fencing on it. 2 foot high chicken wire fencing along the bottom, partially buried if you want to be sure. We used to shoot the wild ones and give them to the dogs (had plenty of domestic and IMO better tasting rabbit).

      Unless it's some Olympic candidate deer, I think 6 foot will take care of it. We found one a few years back that got part of his back leg stuck in a 4' fence when he jumped and died. Crazy to find a deer with one leg attached to a fence laying on the ground....
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        fence material. after the michael storm several years ago, i took down a lot of fencing... rolled up some of it.. sent some to the recycler.
        4' high... i have used one roll so far about 75' long... i call this "horse fence" not sure what it is really called. 2" x 4" woven (not welded)
        i nailed one end to a corner post and stretched with a tractor (more time consuming than i thought it would be!)

        i don't' know the brand but there is a red top wire. this stuff is awesome... i asked a neighbor - "how long has this fence been here?" he didn't know.
        the fence was there when he moved in 22 years ago....

        bottom line. this fencing has been up for at least 18 years and i've had it laying exposed for 4 years. now, having stretched it, nothing broke, and lots of kinks straightened.
        it's much stronger than i think i need to keep deer out, but it was sort of "free." i think it will last another 20 years! highly recommend it if fencing is in your future.
        i've got some more of the "used" fencing, considering buying more instead of getting the cheap welded or chicken wire i had originally planned... to finish the project. .