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asking for a blessing

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  • asking for a blessing

    we have an associate getting married this weekend...
    rec'd this for the wedding from associate in hawaii

    we have an associate who is about to be born. doctors are not giving a good report.
    praying for the newborn, mom, dad and rest of the family...
    we all are affected by the corona business... may we all blessed.

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    Prayers for the baby!

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      you met his dad a few years ago... seems like it was near hawkinsville.


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        time for an update...
        this week little one had his 4th open heart surgery... he was born with a 3 chambered heart.. changed to 2 chambers.. blood vessels blocked off, new plastic vessels being used.
        long story. brain missing nerves that connect rt to left.. and more. dr's said he was blind with no optic nerve. and more... and that he'd not ever walk. at 3 y.o. he started to walk. he has an optic nerve. he can see. it is hard to measure quality of sight. bottom line.. this is a Thank You Lord.

        so, i had to dig a little to find the first post. i didn't remember typing in the hawaiian singers. unrelated to prayer request. but it sure is pretty isn't it.
        His face has shined upon the little one.

        may He shine His face upon all here.


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          Lord be praised! Please continue to help this little one, he's clearly a fighter!!!
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