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  • Drones

    Started playing around with drones more.

    These newer models have some awesome cameras on them. And the size! Check it out-

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a DJI Mini, I think it was around $299. via Amazon. It charges via a USB-C connector to an Iphone "cube" or to whatever takes a direct USB connection. I will try to directly charge this via small solar soon. A little more than a half hour fly time off of one charge. You could return the unit to home and quickly swap batteries if need be.

    Once I got past about 35m height, the drone was pretty invisible at the noise was gone. Near takeoff area and at lower altitudes it can be fairly loud- big angry swarm of bees type sound.

    I don't believe this one has "obstacle avoidance"- and I don't plan to confirm that... Most of the more expensive models do seem to have that now. Having crashed one older drone, I could see where this would be handy.

    I took it to the range property where it's more open for several test flights. Some of this area was recently logged. While staying well above tree tops, I was able to pick out some good details on larger items on the ground- empty buckets near a burned brush pile.

    The advantages of a thermal drone can be easily seen. I feel like I could definitely spot movement on the ground with the camera on drone, but still figures would require more time in place to pick up.

    Will post more in the future.
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    I've had the DJI with the obstacle avoidance for a year+ and two things I don't like.
    The camera is amazing but NOT IN LOW LIGHT.
    Second thing is I can't run a route and then save it as a preprogrammed flight. (no have it take off, fly the property fence line and return with no human input required.)
    Outboard firmware will do it but DJI says it will VOID their warranty and never repair it for you.

    Now I picked up a Bwine on sale at Amazon but haven't had time to test it. (It's winter here, LOL)
    BUT it will do a preprogrammed flight
    AND (They claim) it will do digital night vision or at least perform great under darker conditions than most.

    Guess I'll find out when I don't have to sit in snow outside to play with it.

    Even if the night/dark camera isn't great, flying the road, then all four side of the property and a criss cross and return while I drink coffee and wait for it will be great.

    More info as I discover it.

    Forgot to mention, the Bwine is supposed to have 1 hour+ flight time but my DJI only has 35 minutes.


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      The pre-programmed "track" is a great feature.

      I saw those Bwine models on Amazon. Had several that looked just like DJI models, assuming a close copy or coming out of the same factory with a different label on them?

      Thermal drone with a "track" set up type feature is the ultimate goal for me, a small quick set up one with a reasonable camera would be great.

      Post back once you've tried yours, interested to know how it runs.
      Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

      Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

      Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"


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        I surely will advise after it gets warmer.
        I got what was a good deal at the time on the DJI mavic pro ($1000 2 years ago) and really do like it but the cell screen is a B*tch to use with daylight glare. Still, I'm glad I didn't go with the DJI independent controller (Almost $800) now that I got the bwine for just over $300.
        Can't wait to see how well the preprogrammed route thing works and have hopes for the night viewing to be as great as they advertise.
        The DJI did pretty darn good at night but not great. OTOH, I'd run it until it was so dark I'd have to turn on the landing light to see where the darn drone was <grin>

        Like you, I was hoping for an IR/NV camera option but dang, they were never under $3000 and well above my paygrade.

        Bwine, DJI comparison: Camera hangs under with longer skid than the dji Bwine has more than twice the flight time of the dji.

        Oh well, spring will come.

        Talk about technology changing. You and I started out working on seismic intrusion detectors and now we're flying drones.


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          I started playing with one. Got a small cheap one to start...I guess you get what you pay for as I cannot pair with my phone. I only paid $30 and it was at cost for me as I use this drop shipper for my biz. Still getting the hang of it, but need a lot more practice to be precise. Good one to learn on as its only $30....

          Cannot wait to hear what you two come up with as it could be a force multiplier....
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            PSD- might be able to fly it by sight if nothing else. Won't help you much, but will help learn the controls, etc.

            At first I wouldn't let the thing out of my sight, didn't even remember to look at the phone connected to the controller.

            Been working on basically keeping my eyes on the screen the whole time from takeoff to landing. Gotta break that nervousness.
            Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

            Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

            Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"


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              I've debated on one. But there's not much room for error for a newb at my place due to trees.
              I can see thier usefulness on a larger. Tract of land and once skilled the ability to check on things remotely..
              tech is definitely getting cheaper...
              Hey dropped your man pad!


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                Protus- my first one I bought used from a relative. I crashed it into a tree 30 seconds into first flight. Messed up the gimbal but the drone itself was fine.

                Some of the better ones now have "360 degree obstacle avoidance". The little Mini I bought does not. But haven't crashed it yet. Taking some time to learn depth perception via the camera, taking it closer to trees to get a feeling for avoiding stuff on my own.

                Still, will be nice to have one with the collision avoidance.

                Not hooked up to GPS and have "location services" off on the phone I'm using with it, about the best I got for now... so I've flown it about 800m away, but always seem to get a high wind warning. I can normally see 8mph as the speed, yesterday it was really windy and it must have been fighting a strong wind heading back, as it was showing 1 mph for most of the flight back into the wind.

                Lots of nanny state shittake in these evidently, especially the DJI ones. Evidently people build their own also and can circumvent some of that in the DIY process.

                Some of the larger ones can lift a few lbs.
                Boris- "He's famous, has picture on three dollar bill!"

                Rocky- "Wow! I've never even seen a three dollar bill!"

                Boris- "Is it my fault you're poor?"


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                  Interesting article
                  $99 drone from amazon



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                    Originally posted by prc-104 View Post
                    Interesting article
                    $99 drone from amazon

                    que the intro to terminator...... lololol
                    Hey dropped your man pad!


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                      Drones are now interesting on the scale of WAR.
                      Think it was the second time a Yemen drone took out another of our MQ-9 Reapers.
                      That's twice for robot fighting robot in the air.
                      Pretty sure we're going to see a lot more of that.
                      Heard a rumor for local drone control that the 26" 3" magnum 12ga goose gun with #5 shot works wonders. (hahaha)


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                        Drone robot dogfights (sort of) are increasing.

                        By my count, the The Yemani's have taken down 7 of our MQ-9 Reaper drones with their drones.

                        Seems to NOT speak well of our "great" drones.

                        Perhap's we have WOKE DEI drone operators. That would explain a lot to me.


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                          Evidently there is a DJI drone ban in the new NDA that past the Senate.

                          "spying" issues is the reason- yet "smart" TV, chinese cell phones, are o.k. as well as allowing the Chinese to buy farmland, politicians, etc.

                          If your waiting to get an affordable drone, this may be the time.


                          "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."