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  • Greetings from new member...

    Just spoke with JRH owners about purchasing my first set of NVD. Have been wanting to do this for years. Looking forward to great conversations on this site and training with JRH as well.

    Former 11B paratrooper 1979-1990. I got out just before all the "high speed low drag" equipment started being issued. Damn!!

    P.S. I am in the Augusta area, so if there are any other NVD owners around, please say hello? I'm new to this equipment and can use all the advice I can get. Plus, it would be even better to get to know some local people with the same interests.
    I'm also expanding my HAM radio capabilities and knowledge. Just putting that out
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    Welcome to the forums, we are glad your here!
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      Welcome to a NOT leg


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        Welcome to the tree. Look forward to your input on topics.
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          Welcome! We're glad to have you aboard.


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            Thanks for the welcome. :cool: