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The part of animal husbandry I didn't miss...

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  • The part of animal husbandry I didn't miss...

    We didn't have rabbits for about two years. Longest period in my adult life I wasn't raising rabbits in the back yard.

    Have a nice litter of 6 that we are starting to wean from their momma rabbit.

    I'm picking them up turning them over and trying to see which are Peter Rabbits or Patricia Rabbits and one little gal only has three legs. Not even a stump. My first thought is that it was knawed off by the others, or go stuck in the bottom of the floor when she was little, etc. Nope, can't even find a nub. Poor little thing.

    Named her Methibosteth (sp). You may know the story.

    Not looking forward to her meeting the stick, but I'll give her a really nice life up till then.

    "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."

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    Sad but I'm sure she will still find a way to get around until it's her time to take care of her owners. I am sure she won't try to reclaim any kingdoms, so for now her only enemy is life's challenges.