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solar generators? which brands?

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  • solar generators? which brands?

    folks, what solar generator do you have? or maybe an associate has showed you their unit...

    tarheel mentioned an ankar.
    i'm looking. and when the discussions get real technical they get over my head!!..
    any comments... good or bad would be appreciated.

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    There are a lot of good ones now days to fit everyones budgets. The best thing is to figure out what you want to power and then get one that fits your needs. I would not just go buy one expecting it to do what you want as there are so many different sizes and capacities...I personally have an Inergy Flex 1500 with a second battery and 4-100 watt panels that I use like a generator.
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      I keep looking, but of utmost importance to me are an RV outlet and extreme expandability.