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    admin, your comment sounds correct to me...
    however. silver is about 21/ounce
    $1,813.75 $1,820.75 -29.54
    $20.01 $20.26 -0.92
    wow!! i checked at sd bullion right now and sivler is down a dollar...
    i'm surprised.
    at the show. with silver about 21 the best price there for a round was 25.
    eagles were 37. and sellers didn't want to move off those prices.
    and i don't think they were selling either...
    the guy with rounds sold his buffalos for 25. he said he had just bought them for 24??

    manipulation? i do not know or understand.


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      PSD, you called it... silver practically at 20.
      their buffalos are 22.68 for a big amount!
      yours truly is upside down!


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        I bet this isn't going over well....

        Protecting the sheep from the wolves that want them, their family, their money and full control of our Country!

        Guns and gear are cool, but bandages stop the bleeding!

        ATTENTION: No trees or animals were harmed in any way in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were really ticked off!

        NO 10-289!


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          I remember when Great Britain got caught doing that and when they evaluated their gold stash they found out much of it from early on, around 1700 and earlier was really gold coated lead.
          That combined with them getting caught just like when we got caught paying in adulterated all quietly went away.


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            a little coin show info.

            to locate a show near you ,, try

            i've located a club within easy driving distance that meets once a month...
            at the end of each meeting, any member can bring his coins that he would like to sell. they have an auction.

            the coins are discussed energetically. great learning time. a silver eagle was in a plastic case and was graded as being an ms70..
            this was a very high "grade".. drastically increasing value... seller, commented "it may have been a 70 at one time, but not now... not with milk spots.
            i didn't know what that meant...
            for my purposes.... i don't really care... not planning to pay double to get a 70... i choose to get two coins! just my opinion.


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              i googled coin "clubs" and found this listing. you can click on your state and coin clubs across your state will be listed.

              Find and learn about Coin Clubs in Georgia. Learn when local coin clubs meet, and how you can contact them. Add your coin club to Provident Metals' directory.

              i am not recommending provident. have never heard of them before today, but the coin club listing is mighty considerate of them.
              the one club that i've visited had an auction at the end of the meeting and prices were reasonable. i do not know if the auction activity is
              a normal function of coin clubs.


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                coin show in georgia...
                Middle Georgia coin club
                is sponsoring a coin and currency show
                jan. 26 and 27
                miller murphy howard building
                Ga National Fairgrounds, perry ga.
                insterstate 75 at exit 134

                friday and saturday time is from 10 to 5

                saturday about 3pm ? a few out of state dealers will start loading up to head home. (based on prior observations)
                so, if you are interested in buying a heavy bag or box of stuff, they may sell it for a $ or two less to keep from hauling it back to their truck/trailer.

                this building is large.. i suspect it will have many dealers...
                a contact is chip davis. 478 320 7850
                NOTE: i originally posted a www website for the coin club and my computer didn't like it, so i deleted that info????

                free parking and free admission.

                if you decide to go, shoot me a message, i'd like to meet you!
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                  middle ga. coin show report.
                  show was this past weekend.
                  silver spot was about 22.78
                  gold was 2030?

                  pre 64 was abut 20x face value up to 22x, but could be founnd for 18 x face value... coinflation had cost of physical 90% was about 16.70 so 18.00 wasn't bad.

                  a.s.e. 1 ounce folks wanted 30 but could be had for 28 each and if you bought several the price would drop to 27 from a few dealers.
                  1 ounce rounds commonly 25. maybe 24.50

                  gold was 2100 and maybe a little less . i didn't shop gold so i'm less informed.. 2000+ for that small amount was a little steep for this old retired feller.

                  i went on saturday. i commented that there appeared to be less dealers than 2023 ... yes.. slightly but also learned that 2 small dealers completely sold out on friday!
                  customer count seemed to be slightly less than 2023... i quizzed a few dealers about this, and they confirmed that traffic was less and had no explanation?